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GE Electric Motors

GE Electric Motors

Update Terakhir 08 / 06 / 2022
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PT. Sarana Teknik Indonesia menyediakan GE Electric Motors dengan harga terjangkau dan kualitas terbaik. Cek disini untuk informasi lebih lengkapnya.

Rugged construction, superior performance
The X$D Ultra® family of products ranges from 1-350 HP and is built to the highest standards to maximize your return on investment. X$D Ultra is a complete cast iron NEMA Premium® Efficient motor. The Six Star Bearing System™ ensures long bearing life and is complemented by an overall vibration of 0.04 ips (inches per second), which is half of IEEE-841 standards.

The X$D Ultra also incorporates the GEGARD™ insulation system which has the ability to withstand repeated 0.1 microsecond rise time/2000 volt spikes for 460 and 575 line voltages. All motors are inverter compatible and have the speed range capabilities stamped on the nameplate.

FEATURES X$D ULTRA Frame Size 143-449 HP Range 1-350 Poles 2,4,6 & 8 Voltages 230/460, 460, 575 Efficiency NEMA Premium IP55 Insulation Class H Bearings Single Shielded ball or open roller Vibration .04ips

Industries: Oil & Gas, Power& Energy, Mining & Minerals, Water & Wastewater, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Metals, Chemical

Features & Benefits: GEGARD2000 Insulation System
Integral to motor life and reliability is a robust insulation system. The GEGARD system utilized in X$D Ultra™ products gives a wide thermal margin between the insulation components and designed operation temperatures. All components except motor leads have been selected using Class H materials, while the motor temperature is kept below Class B temperature rise.

Six Star Bearing System ™
Another key component in motor operation and longevity is the bearing system. Our Six Star Bearing System ™ has been designed to significantly reduce the potential for bearing failure. Vibration has been reduced to an industry leading 0.04 ips, reducing a leading cause of bearing failure. Regreasing consideration has been made easy with extended greasing provisions, which provides motor users the improved ability to regrease these motors when they are installed in the application.

Selain GE Electric Motors kami juga menyediakan electric motor lain seperti Jual Siemens Electric Motor Indonesia dan CMG Electric Motor Catalogue. Hubungi kami sekarang juga melalui tombol WhatsApp di bawah untuk informasi harga GE Electric Motor dan dapatkan penawaran menarik dari kami.

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