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Roller Conveyor Interroll is a leading manufacturer in the motorized roller segment. RollerDrive and Controls are based on a simple principle: one motor for all applications. Interroll RollerDrive and Controls are used in automated conveyor technology. They are based on decentralized drive technology and can thus directly ensure that systems can be adapted to individual requirements.

The Interroll Roller Drive is a 24 VDC brushless motor integrated in a conveyor roller, which can be employed in the most diverse conveyor systems. Many years of experience and many hundreds of thousands of 24V motor rollers in use make Interroll the leading manufacturer in this area. A broad spectrum of controllers allows for flexible and simple integration into different applications.

Roller Drive is based on the fundamental principle of decentralizing and modularizing conveyors with zero pressure accumulation. Conventional conveyor sections are powered by 400V gear motors. These motors drive long flat belts that usually run 24 hours a day, regardless of how many goods are actually being transported. In this case, the respective conveyor zone is switched on and off using pneumatic or electric control units.