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MEZ IEC Motors - Technical Data

Voltage and power ranges 230 V-/ 400 VY, 400 V-/ 690 VY, 500 V-/ 500 VY, 0, 75 kW - 18, 5 kW, 1 HP - 25 HP
Frame sizes and designs 100L to 160L, all standard types
Pole number and frequencies 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-pole 50/ 60-Hz
Ambient conditions Surface cooled with degrees of protection IP 55

MEZ IEC Motors - Typical Uses
The new motors are suitable in all types of industries and industrial applications that require very light motors. Examples for suitable sectors are the automobile, textile and printing industry as well as mechanical engineering; suitable applications are e.g. pumps, fans, compressors and conyevor technology. DDSDSD

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