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Slanvert Inverter 1PH 3 PH

Slanvert Inverter 1PH 3 PH

Update Terakhir 24 / 10 / 2022
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Detail Slanvert Inverter 1PH 3 PH

Slanvert Inverter 1PH 3 PH - PT. Sarana Teknik Indonesia
Combining the latest technology of SLANVERT, the frequency converter of SB70G series with high-performance vector control employs the high-performance frequency converter designed by high-precision rotor field oriented vector control algorithm. It also adopts power devices of internationally famous brands and dedicated control digital signal processor (DSP) of American TI electrical machines. The converter possesses abundant system functions, stable and reliable operation and fast response, coordinated with multi-mode operation and programmable modules.

Frequency converters of SLANVERT Inverter SB70G series are widely applied draw bench, blender, extruder, air compressor, grinder, belt conveyor, hoister, centrifuge, numerically-controlled machine tool, food and packing machinery, and drive, fans and bumps used in various industries.

- Extremely high reliability
- Extremely high ability of resisting voltage fluctuation
- Torque control and overload ability
- Original multi-mode PLC operational function
- Programmable modules
- Abundant input and output ports
- The design is more user-friendly
- Impeccable various protective functions
- Technical Specifications

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