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Gear Coupling Seisa

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27 / 07 / 2022
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PT. Sarana Teknik berdiri sejak Oktober 1998 adalah Perusahaan yang menjadi distributor transmisi tenaga mekanik & produk motor listrik. Dengan penghargaan dari custumer akhir nya kami menjadi di kenal dengan Stokist pada product. For Info Call : 021-651-9582

Detail Gear Coupling Seisa

PT. Sarana Teknik Indonesia jual gear coupling seisa berkualitas dan harga terjangkau. Cek disini untuk informasi harga gear coupling Seisa.

The configurations are the same as the types SS, SE, CC and CE specified in JIS B1453 "Geared type shaft coupling". The catalog shows the four types adding prefix GC and suffix M to JIS expression, GC-SSM, GC-SEM, GC-CCM and GC-CEM, as well as GC-SMM, GC-SAM, GC-CAM, GC-SMV, GC-CMV and GC-EEM types.

The size number is indicated by the Coupling Case outside diameter. Bore diameter for shaft is in compliance with JIS, while Coupling O.D. is made more compact. When compared with JIS Coupling, therefore, the product is more compact in size and lighter in weight, contributing to your cost savings.

As Coupling Center is longer relative to Coupling Case width, shafts can be easily aligned by moving the Coupling Case within the range of boss length. This configuration also makes the teeth inspection easier.

Upright type (GC-SMV, GC-CMV), spacer type (GC-SAM, GC-CAM) and coupling with the oil seal cover to prevent oil leakage from key way are standardized.

The types GC-MH are also standardized, whose power transmitted capacities are increased by heat treatment.

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