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PLANETARY Gear - Gear Motor

PLANETARY Gear - Gear Motor

Update Terakhir 10 / 05 / 2023
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Gear Motor Manufacturer, Gear Reducer Manufacturer, Gear Box Manufacturer, Hollow Shaft Gear Motor, Parallel Shaft Gear, Servo Gear Reducer

Tung Lee Electrical Co., Ltd. is a leading Gear Motor Manufacturer and Gear Reducer Manufacturer manufacturer specialized in Gear Motor Manufacturer, Gear Box Manufacturer, Parallel Shaft Gear, Gear Reducer Manufacturer, Servo Gear Reducer, Hollow Shaft Gear Motor, DC Gear Motor, Servo Gear Box, Planetary Gear Manufacturer, Worm Gear Manufacturer, Motor Gear Reducer, and Gear Reduction Motor. Tung Lee Electrical Co., Ltd. founded in 1976 for the electric motor and related products' service. It was a workshop when the company just started, and the goal is set to service the local companies and technicians. Due to better knowledge and the technique of the motors, Tung Lee become a well-known electric motor shop, so the company changed its organization to a corporate-based company. Tung Lee had the opportunity to contact with the manufacturers from Japan, and later become the official distributor of Japan's gear motor in Taiwan. With its success of introduction of the gear motors, the domestic needs of the gear motors become more and more desperate.