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Motovario Helical Gearbox

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25 / 10 / 2022
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Rp. 123
PT. Sarana Teknik berdiri sejak Oktober 1998 adalah Perusahaan yang menjadi distributor transmisi tenaga mekanik & produk motor listrik. Dengan penghargaan dari custumer akhir nya kami menjadi di kenal dengan Stokist pada product. For Info Call : 021-651-9582

Detail Motovario Helical Gearbox

Motovario Helical Gearbox - PT. Sarana Teknik Indonesia

Features Motovario Helical Gearbox:
- Sizes: 030-040-050-060-080-100-125-140
- Available versions: H - fitted for motor coupling, IH - with input shaft, CH - with compact motor, PH - fitted for motor coupling with flexible joint
- Cases with feet, flange or universal
- Power up to 45 kW
- Gears with shaved or ground profile
- Gearing with 1, 2 and 3 reduction stages
- Reduction ratios between 1, 23 and 282, 1
- Torque max 8.000 Nm and admissible radial loads max 55.000 N
- Cases in G200 gray cast iron for high strength and optimized with FEM analysis.
- Feet, flange or universal mounting
- Excellent mechanical strength, particularly suitable to support high axial loads and high reliability
- Load capacity calculated to ISO6336 and verified according to AGMA 2001-B88
- Painted with RAL 5010 blue epoxy-polyester powder in according to DIN 1843
- Accessories: Output flange, backstop device.

For more information Motovario Helical Gearbox, click here to download the product summary. Please contact us for more enquiries.

PT. Sarana Teknik Indonesia
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