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  • Koduct Cable Carrier Chain PT Sarana Teknik

Koduct Cable Carrier Chain PT Sarana Teknik

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03 / 04 / 2020
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PT. Sarana Teknik berdiri sejak Oktober 1998 adalah Perusahaan yang menjadi distributor transmisi tenaga mekanik & produk motor listrik. Dengan penghargaan dari custumer akhir nya kami menjadi di kenal dengan Stokist pada product. For Info Call : 021-651-9582

Detail Koduct Cable Carrier Chain PT Sarana Teknik

EMAIL : [email protected]
KODUCT, a Leading Manufacturer of Cable Carriers and Cable Protection System

Koduct Co., Ltd. one of the leading companies in the cableveyor industry in Korea, have being persevering in our efforts to produce and supply the better quality cable carriers and cable protection system to customers. Our products have gained an advantage over the others with unique designs for high-performance. Over 1,500 different sizes of the products have been possessed in the company through our constant R&D and Investment. Our goal is a satisfaction of customers with a correct forecast of customer's needs and best services from the bottom of our heart.


The machines which are widely used in many factories have their power cables air hoses arranged in chain to protect them from interference with other objects. This cable protection system is called Cable Carrier. Cable Carrier and flexible Tube provide protection for the power supply cables or hoses which connect moving equipment. KODUCT mainly produces Plastic Cable Carrier, Steel Cable Carrier, Cable Track System, etc..

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