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Flexco Bolt Hinged Fasteners

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31 / 05 / 2022
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PT. Sarana Teknik berdiri sejak Oktober 1998 adalah Perusahaan yang menjadi distributor transmisi tenaga mekanik & produk motor listrik. Dengan penghargaan dari custumer akhir nya kami menjadi di kenal dengan Stokist pada product. For Info Call : 021-651-9582

Detail Flexco Bolt Hinged Fasteners

Flexco Bolt Hinged Fasteners simplify conveyor belt maintenance. Flexco fasteners can be installed faster and easier than vulcanized splices, resulting in less downtime and increased productivity. Plus, Flexco conveyor belt fasteners can be installed by your own maintenance crews, eliminating the need to rely on outside contractors.

Furthermore, some conveyor belt designs simply rule out vulcanizing as a legitimate fastening alternative. Use Flexco conveyor belt fasteners for: high-stretch belts when take-up capacity is exhausted, applications requiring frequent conveyor belt removal for cleaning, applications that cannot afford downtime, conveyor belts requiring frequent length alterations and conveyors not easily disassembled for belt installation.

Flexco Alligator Conveyor Belt Lacing
Styles: 00,1,7,15,20,25,27,35,45,55,65. Choose Flexco Alligator Conveyor Belt Lacing for easy, economical installation and an exceptionally smooth joint. Steel or stainless steel Alligator belt lacing is available in continuous lengths.

Flexco Clipper Belt Lacing
Styles: 25SP,25,UMC36L,36SP,1XSP,UMC36,1SP,1,UX1,U2SP,2,U2,3,U3,4,U4,r & baut 4 1/2,5,U5,6,U6,7,U7. Flexco Clipper Belt Lacing's double-staggered grip pattern gives it exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity of the conveyor belt carcass.

Flexco Alligator Ready Set Staple
Styles: RS62,RS125,RS187,MegaAlloy. The Flexco Alligator Ready Set Staple, featuring one-piece fastener strips with pre-inserted staples, reduces installation time by eliminating the need to handle and load individual staples.

Flexco Hinged Bolt Fasteners
Styles: 375X,550X Sturdy hinged construction makes Flexco Bolt Hinged fasteners ideal for applications that use smaller pulleys but still require a high-strength, dependable splice. Sizes accommodate belts from 1/4" (6 mm) to 5/8" (16 mm) thick.

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